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Learn Which Professional Is Better for Your Project!

Are you interested in making some changes to your property and are wondering whether it would be better to hire a handyman or a general contractor? Learning about the differences between these two types of professionals might help you find a clear answer. Therefore, I have summed up those fundamental differences for you in the text that follows.

The Scope of the Project

A key difference between what a general contractor and a handyman do is related to the scope of the projects in which they work. Handymen typically focus on small-scale services and take on projects that can be completed within a few hours or days. General contractors, on the other hand, commonly oversee larger and more complex projects that could be finished within weeks or even months.

The People Involved in the Project

Point two is closely related to point one. While in a general contracting project, there could be a massive army of professionals in different fields, large teams of handymen are rather rare. General contractors can subcontract teams of electricians, plumbers, carpenters, and more specialized experts. If your project needs more than three handymen working at a time, you probably would like to go back to point one and reevaluate its scope.

The Type of Work

A general contractor will take care of organizing, supervising, and managing every step of a project. They usually take over new constructions or remodels, prioritizing the work that needs to be done from scratch to deliver a flawless new or renewed space. Many handymen certainly can do some construction and installation work, but their focus is mainly on maintenance and repair. Handymen will mostly pay attention to improving small sections or specific systems of your property.

Now you have the complete information you need to choose the most adequate and trusted professional to be in charge of your upcoming project. Please don’t forget that if you contact Renovva Contractors Ltd at (639) 299-6652, you can hire a highly trusted handyman throughout Regina, SK and the adjoining areas. Give me a quick call now!

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